Subject: abatement contractor



I hope you are enjoying a wonderful holiday.  As you know I am Melinda Guzman, an attorney, and a long time panel counsel for Farmers Insurance and other carriers.   In fact, I have been serving in that capacity for 30 years and am on contract with Farmers Insurance currently.


I am also writing to share information on an abatement vendor for your office.  Burns Environmental Services is a woman owned/Hispanic owned abatement vendor in the Los Angeles area with extensive experience in insurance claims.  By copy of this email to Ernie Gutierrez, COO of Burns Environmental, I am introducing you to this company.  The company is licensed to do environmental abatement work.  I have known/worked with Ernie and his company for over ten years and I have no hesitation recommending his services to You should the need arise.  I know he works with other carriers and they stand prepared to work with you.  I hope you all can connect.  


Best wishes to you both and happy holidays. 


Melinda Guzman