Sources of Lead in your Home: Jobs and Hobbies

You could bring lead home on your hands or clothes, or contaminate your home directly if you:

  • Work with lead and/or lead-based paint (for example, renovation and painting, mining, smelting, battery recycling, refinishing old furniture, autobody, shooting ranges); or
  • Have a hobby that uses lead (for example, hunting, fishing, stained glass, stock cars, making pottery).
    • Lead can be found in shot, fishing sinkers and jigs, came and solder used in stained glass, weights used in stock cars, dyes and glazes used in pottery, and many other places.

If you have a job or hobby where you may come into contact with lead:

  • Never put leaded materials (for example, fishing sinkers, lead came or solder for stained glass or leaded pottery clay or glaze) in your mouth;
  • Avoid handling food or touching your mouth or face while engaged in working with lead materials and wash hands before eating or drinking following such activities;
  • Shower and change clothes before entering your vehicle or coming home;
  • Launder your work and hobby clothes separately from the rest of your family’s clothes; and
  • Keep all work and hobby materials away from living areas.

If someone in your family is a renovator or contractor working in older housing, find out more about lead-safe work practices.

If you are an owner or operator of outdoor rifle, pistol, trap, skeet or sporting clay ranges, find outmore aboutlead management atranges.