teamwork quote by Henry Ford


Burns Environmental Services genuinely cares about its employees. We foster an atmosphere of teamwork, communication and personal growth. Each of our talented and hard-working employees is highly valued for his/her contribution to Burns?s growth and success. Because of the encouraging and team-oriented environment, our team members at every level are genuinely invested in sustaining Burns?s excellent reputation and growing the company to its full potential.

The Burns organization has been able to evolve due mainly in part to its personnel. Burns strongly believes that its employees is at the heart of its success. Burns is committed to recruiting and retaining the best qualified candidates in its various business segments. Burns?s corporate culture is one that focuses on developing and empowering employees in order to meet its short-term and long-term objectives. The Burns Team is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to satisfy our customers and provide a stable and rewarding work environment for our valued employees. Our leadership team has a passion for delivering high quality services and products. This culture encourages creativity, innovation, communication, and the knowledge that every employee?s opinion counts. Our employees? focus and energy to aggressively strive to exceed client expectations makes us stand apart in our industry. Our staff is committed to practicing risk management in all activities, performing in a health conscious manner, and providing innovative solutions to our clients.