“Burns was on time, great clean up, responsiveness, fair price, helpful and responsive.”

Martin S.
Westlake Village 12/19/17

“They finished in a timely manner and clean up was excellent.”

Susan N.
Gardena 12/19/17

“Burns did great at timeliness, communication and cleanliness.”

Julie B.
Fallbrook 12/19/17

“Moses did an excellent job communicating project status to me. He was always available via phone and text to answer questions. Once service started, the process was very quick. Communication with Moses was great.”

Charlene A.
San Diego 12/18/17

“The work was very clean with no mess left behind, professional, thorough and it was done in the time they promised me!”

Amit G.
Culver City 12/18/17

“Great Service, the technicians were very good, accommodating and professional. Bret was of great help on understanding the project remediation process. Bret was very professional. Great service from Technicians. Very timely and Bret was available at all times.”

Louis R.
Whittier 12/18/17

“Burns was great at communication, prompt and thorough service.”

Sumitra S.
Artesia 12/15/17

“Everything was done well and efficiently.”

Stanley F.
Los Angeles 12/15/17

“Timeliness and cleanliness were great.”

Ron M.
Santa Clarita 12/11/17

“The crew was clean, professional, and on time.”

Scott K.
Sherman Oaks 12/12/17

“My house flooded on 11/15/2017. They found Asbestos in the home. Caleb did a evaluation and got to work. I was Asbestos free in two days. Thank you to Caleb and his crew for their professionalism and hard work. I highly recommend Burns Environmental for any Environmental Remediation related issues.”

Rolando R.
Victorville 12/7/17

“Burns was great at being on time and cleaning up afterwards.”

Robert I.
Glendale 12/6/17

“The timeline was reasonable and efficient.”

Rodolfo R.
Los Angeles 12/6/17

“Burns was great at Timeliness, Communication and cleanup.”

Gen S.
Agoura Hills 12/6/17

“From start to finish, Omar and his team at Burns did an amazing job with our acoustic ceiling removal project. Their communication and response to all of our questions was excellent. They did the work extremely efficiently and left the work site incredibly clean. I would highly recommend Burns… Fantastic work all around!”

Bart R.
Calabasas 11/27/17

“Very clean, on time, worked quietly and efficiently, communication from your office was great”

Judith C.
Santa Barbara 11/22/17

“The crew was courteous and professional. Caleb is a professional and did a great job.”

Roland R.
Victorville 11/22/17

“Nathan was very nice to work with, called back promptly, followed up. Very professional and helpful. I was in a bind and needed the work done same day – it was done promptly, everything completed as promised.”

Anita M.
Simi Valley 11/17/17

“Workers were professional and competent. Performance of services was superior.”

Michael S.
Woodland Hills 11/17/17

“Your team was efficient, prompt, and very professional.”

Bertha A.
Ontario 11/17/17

“Burns explained everything to me so that could understand. Anytime I had a question, it was answered quickly. Fast and good service. Thank you for being helpful and understanding. I can’t complain you guys were good with everything and very helpful!”

Constance C.
Oxnard 11/16/17

“The workers were on time and very polite and respectful. They worked efficiently and explained everything clearly when asked. Clean up was done well. I was happy with the end result.”

Raquel K.
Chatsworth 11/14/17

“All around great service.”

Winnie W.
Rolling Hills Estates 11/15/17

“Burns did great at cleanliness and being prompt.”

Sally G.
Oxnard 11/9/17

“Burns personnel were on time, very clean and neat, and they were very polite.”

Rita V.
Studio City 11/9/17

“All the services were excellent.”

Rand H.
Los Angeles 11/8/17

“Bret is a very courteous, amiable, understanding, and professional project manager. Robert and his team did an excellent job. They did the job quickly and thoroughly. The communication and cleanliness was very good.”

Rick N.
Winnetka 11/8/17

“Burns did great at cleanliness and explaining the actual process.”

Maryhelen M.
Diamond Bar 11/7/17

“They were all great, quick, efficient and very respectful of my property. They were prompt, explained the process, and clean up before leaving. Great job, could not have asked for more.”

Gayle S.
Porter Ranch 11/7/17

“Burns was great at everything.”

Natalie G.

“Burns did great by working with Serv-Pro and getting the job done asap.”

Randy M.
Forest Falls 11/6/17

“Burns was great at communication.”

Becky T.
Oxnard 11/6/17

“The Service was great.”

Randy L.
Anaheim 11/3/17

“Burns did great at timeliness. You were prompt and well trained. Communication was excellent as was the service.”

William C.
Los Angeles 11/3/17

“They were on time, were courteous, they were dressed appropriately and made sure to take precautions to protect my home before they began work, also cleaned up.”

Terry B.
Newbury Park 11/1/17

“Dave was great to work with! He communicated everything with me extremely well, and everything was in great shape the next day when we went to the property to check in on things! I was very satisfied with everything. While I wasn’t on site when they were working, everything was clean and in great condition after they left. I would say overall though the communication& overall customer service was what stood out to me the most.”

Allison M.
Los Angeles 10/30/17

“I am very happy with all your services. Your company did great in everything. Your employees are very professional and did very good work.”

Martha G.
Agoura Hills 10/26/17

“Burns was great at timeliness, communication, clarity, accuracy and the clarity of the proposed work.”

Scott C.
Isla Vista 10/26/17

“Burns performed the job professionally and promptly. The certificate of completion was sent the next day. Very happy with the service.”

Jared P.
Ventura 10/26/17

“The work in the field was great.”

Gordon V.
Simi Valley 10/26/17

“Everything was fine, your personnel were friendly and courteous.”

Maja B.
Eastvale 10/26/17

“Burns did great at timeliness.”

Jenelle C.
Los Angeles 10/26/17

“We had some bathroom issues which required us to open up the walls. After doing an air test with Air Tech, they found asbestos and referred us to Burns. Long story short, our little job quickly turned into a big job. Unexperienced in this area, Burns did a great job at communicating what they were going to do and when. Worked closely on the phone with Bret who was clear and informative. The onsite guy, Jose, came out, knocked out the work, and cleaned up efficiently. They worked with insurance to take care of the finances so I can’t comment on that side of their service. All-in-all they made my ‘problems’ as pain free as possible. I’d recommend them for future work requiring expert asbestos handling and abatement.”

Jeremy L.
Torrance 10/25/17 Yelp review.

“Burns arrived on time, they were very nice and did a great job.”

Gary M.
Long Beach 10/25/17

“Burns did great at timeliness and communication.”

Mary C.
Mission Viejo 10/25/17

“Everything was good and done well.”

Vernon S.
Riverside 10/24/17

“Burns responded very quickly to the request. Stayed in communication about the job and handled the obstacles that needed to be dealt with.”

Karl R.
Hollywood 10/24/17

“The staff was very professional, prompt and courteous. Overall extremely pleased with the job and staff. Would highly recommend to anyone!”

Teresa D.
Diamond Bar 10/24/17

“Everything was perfect and awesome.”

Maribel C.
Riverside 10/24/17

“Burns was awesome. Nathan was my project manager and is a man of integrity, professionalism and I am very pleased with his work and I admire his honesty.”

Iman H.
Chino 10/24/17

“Your technicians did a great job in a timely manner. Thank you!”

Terry M.
Torrance 10/23/17

“Eduardo was very courteous and professional. They were on time , completed the job in a timely manner and there was no mess.”

Kathleen B.
Los Angeles 10/20/17

“Burns was very timely, clean and professional.”

Ray F.
Signal Hill 10/18/17

“Everything was very professional.”

Sam C.
Corona 10/18/17

“Nathan went above and beyond, removing and setting aside our kitchen appliances, good communication. I am really happy with the service.”

Ryan N.
West Hills 10/16/17

“Burns was great at Timeliness, communication and cleanliness.”

Loretta R.
Thousand Oaks 10/13/17

“Your crew did the job quickly and left it clean. Fortunately, no mold was found.”

Chai B.
Santa Monica 10/13/17

“Burns did everything great they were very professional. Moses returned my phone calls promptly and kept me informed with phone calls and emails.”

Joel M.
Riverside 10/9/17

“Everything was great, the customer service is excellent and the follow up was very good..”

Lisa V.
Palm Springs 10/6/17

“Burns did great at cleanliness.”

Arthur W.
Newbury Park 10/5/17

“Burns was great at cleanliness and communication.”

Brenda M.
Santa Clarita 10/5/17

“Nathan was very helpful and I appreciate him. The work was completed quickly and efficiently.”

Adrianne R.
Barstow 10/5/17

“When Eduardo was here he was very good at explaining what was going to happen to my home. He kept me appraised. It was clear that Eduardo respected me and my home and he worked around us and did not want any of the equipment to be in our way. Thank you.”

Wendy Pollack
Simi Valley 9/29/17

“Burns was on time and finished quickly.”

Judy Smith
Los Angeles 9/29/17

“Burns was on point with all services. Both men were on time, very professional. They completed their task in a timely fashion and the clean up was perfect. Than you.”

Dale H.
Santa Clarita 9/29/17

“Burns did great at timeliness and friendliness.”

Teresa K.
Ventura 9/29/17

“Burns got the job done, cleaned up before leaving, performed as expected. Good job!”

Robert E.
Palm Springs 9/26/17

“I called a few other environmental company, Burns was the best ones. Mark is very professional from the start to the end of the project. Its good to know a company who we could rely on to do the best service in excellence! The team of Claudio did such a good job and they clean up the house so well. I highly recommend to everyone. Thank you so much Burns for your good service.”

Margarita T.
Riverside 9/25/17

“I found your staff were very professional and very informative. I felt that I was in GOOD HANDS. Never imagine this would be such a big job. Appreciate there patients dealing with a senior citizen. I thank you for that. Caleb returned my calls immediately. Advised me on what I should be expecting. Very polite. I found him a very good employee.
He is a keeper.”

Sarah L.
Laguna Woods 9/21/17

“Burns was great at timeliness, listened well to the customer, good sense of urgency, professional, worked well with Patriot Restoration who was handling my case.”

Katy C.
Rancho Palos Verdes 9/21/17

“What I saw today they are doing a good job covering everything I like the way they work.”

Jose F.
Moreno Valley 9/21/17

“Burns was great at being on time, excellent communication. Antonio and his son Antonio were very professional, thorough and friendly.”

Tom E.
Palm Springs 9/20/17

“Burns was very professional, the communications was very good. Always on time and left a very clean work area.”

Stuart S.
Westlake Village 9/20/17

“Burns offered excellent service and they did what was necessary in the promised time frame.”

Marie D.
San Pedro 9/14/17

“Burns did great, once the work started it was finished quickly and the site was very clean.”

Robert F.
Los Angeles 9/13/17

“Burns was great at communication and prompt service.”

Ryan S.
Beaumont 9/12/17

“Burns did everything great Caleb was a very nice guy, he helped me on everything I needed. They were very nice, clean and did fast work.”

Gabriela V.
Moreno Valley 9/11/17

“I called a few other environmental companies, and Burns was the best one. Mark Moxley is very professional from the starting process until the end of the project. He is courteous, polite and patient in explaining all the questions with regard to the scope of work to be done. It’s good to know a company who we could rely on to do the best service in excellence! The team of Claudio did such a good job and they clean up the house so well. I highly recommend to everyone. Thank you so much Burns! Mark is very professional from the start to the end of the project. He is courteous, polite and patient in explaining the answers to the questions with regard to the scope of work to be done and the documents to be submitted. Job well done Mark! Thank you!”

Maggie T.
Chino Hills 9/8/17

“Burns did great at everything once we started moving forward.”

Steve P.
Lynwood 9/6/17

“Burns was great at being helpful and understanding what had to be done.”

Douglas B.
Rialto 9/6/17

“Burns did great at returning phone calls fast.”

Jeff E.
San Juan Capistrano 9/7/17

“Burns was great at communication and responsiveness.”

Lacrissa D.
Ventura 9/8/17

“Burns was very good.”

Guoqiu S.
Tarzana 9/5/17

“Moses was great to work with, he was professional, prompt and courteous. The staff at Burns was very pleasant to work with. I was very impressed with the level of cleanliness and professionalism. The clean-up guys were neat, on time (early) and worked efficiently. Great team!”

Julie C.
Apple Valley 9/6/17

“Burns did great at keeping all of my personal items clean and cleaning up the job at the end. Great communication from Caleb.”

Cindy P.
Wrightwood 8/31/17

“Burns was clean, prompt and showed up on time.”

Addison R.
Reseda 8/30/17

“Burns was on schedule and had good employees.”

Deborah E.
Canoga Park 8/30/17

“They were on time, understood what was to be done, performed the work using good Hazmat equipment and practices, the foreman kept me informed and cleaned the work area when work was completed.”

John M.
Diamond Bar 8/30/17

“Burns did great at finishing in a timely manner for this I thank you.”

Monica M.
Lancaster 8/30/17

“Burns did great at timeliness, communication, and cleanliness.”

Michael C.
Bell Gardens 8/25/17

“Burns did great at all things, contacting, informing and showing up.”

Josh W.
Lomita 8/24/17

“This company was very professional. They showed great communication, timing, punctuality, and cleanliness. They did an awesome job and left me stress free. I highly recommend them to anyone.”

Nicole B. (Yelp review)
Santa Clarita 8/23/17

“This company showed great communication, timing, punctuality, and cleanliness.”

Nicole B.
Santa Clarita 8/22/17

“Everything was done in a professional manner. Robert was very patient and thorough answering my many questions. Jose was also a hard and efficient worker as Robert was. A+ for both of them.”

Joan M.
Corona 8/21/17

“Quick work, friendly and respectful staff, job well done.”

Michael C.
West Hollywood 8/16/17

“Burns was great at timeliness, availability, communication and cleanliness.”

Marc P.
Van Nuys 8/16/17

“The communication with Brett was great.”

Chris H.
Simi Valley 8/14/17

“Stay just the way you are, excellent customer service, cleanliness and excellent job performance. I would recommend Burns to my friends and family. Quick response to our questions and concerns, the job was completed in a quick and timely manner. The workers were very courteous and left everything very clean. Moses was very informative and took into consideration our needs to expedite our job order.”

Louis M.
Rowland Heights 8/11/17

“Great at all of the tasks A+++.”

Geraldine H.
Carson 8/10/17

“Everything was great, very pleased.”

Debbie B.
Tarzana 8/10/17

“Moses did great work, and was on time.”

Spencer L.
La Quinta 8/8/17

“Overall very satisfied.”

Diane S.
Ventura 8/8/17

“All good. Burns was great at all three, timely, communicated well and cleaned up.”

Paulette E.
Fullerton 8/8/17

“They were great to work with. I called in and was assigned a tech right away. They were professional and helpful. They came out and checked out my house and started work asap. The crew was clean and efficient, they took care of everything cleanly and quickly. When they left I barely knew anyone had even been there.”

Dante C.
Simi Valley 8/7/17

“I felt Mark was there for me. I called him on a Saturday, he answered and reassured me of what was going to happen the following week. He was able to schedule me earlier than originally planned which was a great blessing as my family as been without a kitchen (stove, dishwasher, sink, and disposal) going on week 3.”

Leete S.
Anaheim 8/3/17

“We were pleased with all persons we were in touch with. Very courteous, prompt, professional, friendly and extremely careful and clean. Explanations were very welcomed and helpful. Explained all they were doing and what should happen next.”

Toni R.
Corona 8/2/17

“Burns was great at communication and timeliness.”

Vidya R.
Cerritos 8/1/17

“Everything was great. Very quick and efficient. Jose showed up exactly when he said he would.”

Kelly M.
Goleta 8/2/17

“Everything was great.”

Sebooh T.
Glendale 8/2/17

“Fernando Ventura was very helpful and proceeded to evaluate the work to be done, quickly and efficiently. He was courteous and helpful with our questions. The work was done quickly and efficiently. The communication and cleanliness were great. Our bathroom items were placed in our back patio and covered carefully at our request. This was greatly appreciated.”

Ann A.
Goleta 7/31/17

“The project was done in a timely manner and at a reasonable price.”

Charmaine S.
Los Angeles 7/31/17

“Burns was great at completing the work in an efficient manner.”

Neil C.
Newberry Springs 7/27/17

“The crew and supervisor that came out and later left were very friendly, patient and answered all concerns and questions. Also Moses was always quick to call me back.”

Carolyn S.
La Palma 7/25/17

“Burns did great at communication when the work would be done, they even moved it up a day which was great.”

Kathy N.
Glendora Covina 7/24/17

“Burns was very professional.”

John L.
Claremont 7/24/17

“The cleanliness was great and everything was explained.”

Debra J
Highland 7/21/17

“My wife Teresa dealt with Burns environmental. And this is what she has to say “Timeliness, communication, & cleanliness were great! It was a complete package in a timely manner. Very professional ” And I as her husband agree 100%. Great job.”

Francisco A.
Carson 7/21/17

“Nathan was reliable. Every time I needed to reach him he will answer right away. Burns was great at timeliness, communication and cleanliness.”

Patricia P.
Corona 7/21/17

“Great at the clean up.”

Shawn G.
Riverside 7/21/17

“Burns did great at Communication and speed of service.”

Brian T.
Simi Valley 7/20/17

“Burns Environmental did great at returning phone calls and responding to issues on the premises quickly.”

James B.
Simi Valley 7/20/17

“Caleb was helpful in getting work done in a timely manner. They were timely and the house was left in good shape. The project manager and crew were very courteous.”

Linda S.
Whittier 7/20/17

“Mr. Cepeda called back in a reasonable amount of time. He was professional and courteous on the telephone. The “maintenance personnel” (being Antonio and his son Antonio) were on time, courteous and performed their work in a very well and highly satisfactory manner along with a very strong work ethic. They also answered our questions. Salvador Arias being the “Superintendent” had arrived to check up on the work area. We expressed our happy satisfaction to Mr. Arias about Antonio and his son Antonio. Thank you so much.”

Arlene D.
Sun City 7/20/17

“Bret did a great job communicating with me.”

Eric C.
Cypress 7/17/17

“Timeliness, communication and cleanliness were all great.”

Eric R.
Thousand Oaks 7/14/17

“Fernando Ventura gets the job done! He is efficient, timely and updates are always given on the progress!”

Samantha M.
Sherman Oaks 7/14/17

“Timeliness and communication was great. Everybody did great. Art came with his colleague and did the work. He was friendly and clearly knew what he was doing. Both of them were very hardworking. Good job guys!”

Jason L.
Lake Balboa 7/11/17

“Great at timeliness, cleanliness and communication.”

Gayle H
West Hills 7/10/17

“Caleb was very kind and patient, he took the time to explain the process.”

Gracia G.
Glendale 7/7/17

“Great job. All the workers were super. Especially Robert, he was great to run the show.”

Michael M.
Covina 7/7/17

“Fernando was very nice and kept me informed. Communication was very good. They were very helpful when I didnt know to get everything out of my cabinets. The testing company you use is very good.”

Robin G.
Crestline 7/7/17

“I worked with Bret at my home and he was a total pro! He helped me to remove all of the contaminated stuff and get my home tested as toxin free. Burns worked around my hectic schedule and was able to take care of my needs quickly. I was recommended by my flooring company to him and I am glad that he was able to help me. The crew was quick, clean and friendly.”

Chris J.
Los Angeles 7/7/17

“Burns is a great company to work with. Caleb came out to assess our house for Asbestos abatement, and within 2 days, had a great crew of guys clear out a large amount of affected drywall in less than 8 hours. Caleb is not only incredibly knowledgeable and professional, he is a great intermediary and communicator throughout the entire process, and foremost, trustworthy and reliable. Definitely use these guys if you find yourself in an environmentally hazardous predicament!

Everyone was here right on time, let me know exactly what was going on, and kept me updated throughout the day. These guys were great!”

Brian M.
Thousand Oaks 7/6/17

“Cleanliness and timeliness was great, as was communication.”

Cali C.
Bakersfield 7/5/17

“Bret was very professional and responsive. He asked a lot of questions and was thorough. He offered a competitive quote with promise to get the work done quickly. A professional operation all the way through. Everything was great, communication, professionalism, timeliness, competitive quote, etc.”

Dan C.
Burbank 7/5/17

“Timeliness, Communication and Cleanliness were all great!! Great job.”

Sandra R.
Carson 6/29/17

“The workers were amazing. They were efficient, fast, clean and tried their best to fulfill my needs.”

Paulette P.
Corona 6/29/17

“They did great at their job.”

Marshall R.
Huntington Beach 6/28/17

“Everything was great very professional thank you.”

Robert B.
Camarillo 6/28/17

“I think everything was perfect!”

Reza F.
Calabasas 6/28/17

“Nathan communicated everything they were doing and answered all of my questions.”

Jeffrey R.
Rialto 6/28/17

“Nathan was very responsive to calls and questions, and facilitated everything professionally. Communication was good and timeliness helped out.”

John B.
Corona 6/27/17

“Everything was great, timeliness, communication and cleanliness!”

Gina P.
Riverside 6/27/17

“Bret was very professional and handled extra requests in a very timely manner. He made this stressful time for us better than expected. He is a great asset to your company! The timeliness and communication were great.”

Mary A.
La Mirada 6/22/17

“All went great, on time and communicated well.”

Daniel R.
Cypress 6/22/17

“On time, called back quickly when I left messages. Seamless handoff.”

Jeffrey G.
Los Angeles 6/23/17

“The completed work is great, exactly what we wanted, communication leading up to the work was fantastic, the price was very reasonable.”

Andrew H.
Simi Valley 6/20/17

“Great time, excellent communication. Prompt, polite and always answered the phone.”

Gulshan K.
Playa Del Rey 6/21/17

“Caleb Lagos was committed to excellence, his professionalism and friendliness was very comforting and reassuring. Everything was excellent from the beginning of the job to its final stage. Caleb Lagos provided superior customer care and outstanding level of quality service. Caleb went over with us in detail through the project that we had. He exceeded our expectations. As highly satisfied customers we would share our experience with Yelp.com. Rapid responsiveness, quick turnaround, responsibility and accuracy. The BES staff did a great job, we were so impressed. Great teamwork, around the clock service under immediate control and care by Caleb Lagos. Who is truly very professional, honest and detail oriented as a project manager. I am more than confident if given the opportunity anyone would be equally impressed by the service provided by BES Project Manager Caleb and his team. He made our family lifetime customers by the way our project was handled. Great job, thank you Caleb, for the superior level of quality service and care.”

Tamara G.
Northridge 6/16/17

“I had a great overall experience, everything was excellent.”

Moe A.
Los Angeles 6/15/17

“Timeliness, communication and cleanliness were great. It was a complete package in a timely manner. Very professional.”

Teresa A.
Carson 6/15/17

“They were excellent at timeliness and cleanliness.”

Barbara P.
Tarzana 6/16/17

“Fernando was friendly and courteous. The crew was prompt, professional and clean.”

Claus B.
Bakersfield 6/12/17

“Nathan was very responsive to calls and questions, and facilitated everything professionally. Communication was good and timeliness helped out.”

John B.
Corona 6/13/17

“Timeliness was great, very prompt and courteous.”

Julian M.
Santa Ana 6/8/17

“Great at timeliness, communication and cleanliness. 10+ on all.”

Stephanie R.
Woodland Hills 6/8/17

“Timeliness, communication and cleaning were all great.”

Julie G.
Camarillo 6/8/17

“Everything was GREAT considering it was a bad situation (flood damage in kitchen). Nathan kept me informed, he worked around my schedule, the crews were courteous, friendly, knowledgeable, clean, provided excellent service. Everyone arrived on time. I cannot say enough about the service we received. We even hired them to do some ceiling asbestos removal that was not part of the insurance claim. Thanks to a great team.”

Lori Young
Cerritos 6/7/17

“Timeliness was great.”

David M.
Camarillo 6/6/17

“Everything was fine, no complaints.”

Laverne L.
Barstow 6/6/17

“Got the job done. Friendly staff on the phone and in person.”

Nancy M.
Lanvaster 6/6/17

“Impressed with the cleanliness after the abatement.”

Richard E.
Sun City 6/5/17

“Did a great job at meeting our tight deadlines.”

Jeffrey P.
Redlands 6/5/17

“Cleanliness with asbestos and mold abatement was great.”

Hortencia S.
Bakersfield 6/5/17

“On time, quick and efficient.”

Jessica T.
San Bernardino 6/2/17

“Everything was spot on in getting things taken care of at my house. No complaints!”

Wendell H.
Los Angeles 6/2/17

“Very polite, Bret communicates well with his customers. He didn’t give me a hard time and was on time ready to get the job done. Very satisfied.”

Oganes A.
North Hollywood 6/1/17

“Cleanliness was great.”

Jonn B. Rancho
Palos Verdes 5/30/17

“Very clean, very good job, like it.”

Junjian S.
San Bernardino 5/30/17

“George and Nathan were wonderful. Timeliness, friendly, great work ethic.”

Sandra D.
Valencia 5/31/17

“Timeline was exactly what I wanted.”

Mary M.
Baldwin Park 6/1/17

“Responding to emails promptly. Communicated clearly and gave an accurate estimate.”

Nathan K.
Newhall 5/24/17

“From start to finish everything was great.”

Vicki G.
Van Nuys 5/23/17

“Communication and timeliness were great.”

Michael P
Apple Valley 5/23/17

“Great customer Service, everything was great.”

John G.
San Fernando 5/23/17

“Work was completed on schedule. Good clean up of the work area.”

John M.
Diamond Bar 5/18/17

“Very professional.”

Richard B.
Valencia 5/19/17

“I would definitely refer BES to others, cleanliness and communication were great.”

Aida B.
Sunland 5/19/17

“On time – actually early; courteous, open communication, friendly, good value for the price. Cleanliness as far as I can see- I have not been inside the house but I am sure it is perfect.”

Wendy W.
Cypress 5/18/17

“Excellent timeliness and cleanliness.”

Venancio B.
Oxnard 5/18/17

“Timeliness and cleanliness were great.”

Thomas S.
Ontario 5/16/17

“Cannot recommend Burns enough. Fast, efficient, and didn’t gouge me on the price. Nathan was a breeze to work with, and checked in regularly to make sure we were happy. Nobody likes hearing they have asbestos, but at least removing it was stress-free. Thanks!”

Kevin M.
Los Angeles 5/16/17

“On time, very knowledgeable, answered all my questions, kept the work area clean and safe from injury. ”

Imogene C.
Ontario 5/15/17

“Moses responded to all requests for information from start to finish. Moses was interested in getting the job completed quickly. Moses ran both jobs professionally, both jobs looked clean and professional from start to finish.”

Scott S.
Hesperia 5/15/17

“Last month I was in the hospital when my house flooded due to a busted braided line under my sink. What timing .. I must say that Nathan Carrasco who is the project manager of Burns Environmental Services, took so good care of my family and myself. He and his team came and did such a professional job! Without his help I don’t know what we would do. I admit I am “picky” about my personal belongings but Nathan was so professional that I was so at ease. Not only did he get all the items and which contained lead and asbestos , Nathan found mold in 2 walls of my home. I am so glad to have someone like Nathan to guide me through this process and treat my home with care. I definitely recommend Burns Environmental for any job needing removal of hazardous materials! Thanks again Nathan Carrasco.”

Richard G.
Rancho Cucamonga 5/15/17

“Moses was great at communication, on time and was very professional.”

Jennifer J.
Chino 5/11/17

“Came out when requested, provided good feedback and communication.”

Scott K.
Mission Viejo 5/11/17

“Their communication with me was important and they did work with me in an easy way. They tried to be accommodating.”

Katherine D.
Agoura Hills 5/11/17

“Communication with Bret was perfect. The services were handled in a timely manner with extreme care and caution for personal property. A + +.”

Marc B.
Chatsworth 5/11/17

“First time using a service like this. Nothing was disappointing, good communication, friendly workers. I only met Bret and William both were friendly and professional.”

Katherine N.
Lancaster 5/11/17


Sally S.
Menifee 5/11/17

“Respectful, prompt, explained what they were doing.”

Natalia R.
Redondo Beach 5/8/17

“Timeliness and communication were simply amazing. Every time we called or emailed we received a prompt response. The project manager we dealt with – Nathan – was very knowledgeable and prompt when dealing with us.”

Carlos M.
Los Angeles 5/8/17

“Very satisfied with all aspects of the job.”

Karla G.
Glendora 5/8/17

“Timely and clean.”

Helen T.
Woodland Hills 5/8/17

“Professionalism, timeliness, thoroughness and clean.”

John G.
Simi Valley 5/8/17

“Timeliness, communication and cleanliness.”

Rosemary G.
Los Angeles 5/2/17

“All was good and always is, thank you.”

Diane S.
Ventura 5/2/17

“Art and his crew were fantastic! Everything was so clean and when they left there was nothing to show that they had been there. They were very helpful to make certain that my husband was not inconvenienced any more than necessary. He has been recovering from ankle surgery. The team worked steadily, were on time and left before the time they thought they would be done.”

Cynthia H.
Redlands 5/2/17

“Very Good.”

Dewain Brown
Moreno Valley 5/2/17

“Everything was great.”

Leobardo O.
Victorville 5/2/17

“Everything was great.”

Leobardo O.
Victorville 4/28/17

“Everything was done in a timely and orderly manner.”

Carol R.
Sun City 4/25/17

“Punctuality was great, on-site workers were friendly and helpful.”

David K.
Redondo Beach 4/24/17

“They were able to do the work to fit my schedule. Were very helpful from scheduling to contract to work done. The crew was top notch and very courteous.”

Cory G.
Ventura 4/24/17

“Mark was excellent. Communicated well and returned my calls quickly since I do not live in the condo affected by the upper condos water damage. Timeliness, communication and cleanliness were all done well.”

Karen Z.
North Hollywood 4/24/17

“Timeliness, professional, cleanliness and communication were all good.”

Erinn W.
North Hollywood 4/21/17

“Combined comments are: George and his coworkers were great. They arrived on time, completed the task and cleaned up everything. They were polite and professional.”

Dolly R.
Lancaster 4/20/17

“Responsiveness, timeliness and price.”

Amanda H.
Gardena 4/20/17

“The men were prompt, explained why they were there what procedures they were going to do and were thorough with cleanliness. Left everything spotless. Most of all my husband and I noticed how cordial and polite they all were, very professional, Thank you so very much, we were at peace knowing this whole thing was being taken care of by your company!”

Gracie S.
Calabasas 4/17/17

“ The people who came were really nice. They did a great job. There were neat and efficient. Moses was wonderful. They were fast let me know what they were doing. They were neat and clean in setting up and taking things down. Thank you for doing such a great job!

Karen C.
Rancho Cucamonga 4/17/17

“Fast, Effective job and work ethic.”

Farid K.
Tujunga 4/17/17

“They got an A+ , pleasant, courteous, cleaned up, worked steady and hard.”

Fredelle G.
Claremont 4/17/17

“Arrived on time, polite, clean, friendly and clear explanations. Great job.”

Ken S.
Glendale 4/18/17

“Work crews were great in getting to work, efficient and courteous.”

Clarice G.
Glendale 4/14/17

“Service was provided promptly and efficiently. Everything was good to me.”

Martin G.
Ontario 4/12/17

“Timeliness, communications, all above.”

Diana D.
Compton 4/10/17

“Very professional and helpful. Communication and cleanliness were great.”

Robert B.
Agoura Hills 4/10/17

“All of the above. Workers knew what had to be done and did it. When they were finished with the job, they cleaned everything, no sign that they were even there. Great crew.”

Marilyn H.
Palm Springs 4/10/17

“Quick to act on time, completeness of the project.”

Katherine D.
San Bernardino 4/7/17

“They are successful by working hard to be on time and keeping the customer informed of their progress.”

Marjorie S.
Bellflower 4/7/17

“Communication was excellent.”

Charlene H.
San Bernardino 4/6/17

“On time, quick and efficient, laid plastic on carpet near job, did the job without requiring any extra direction or effort from the homeowner.”

Hisashi Y.
Torrance 4/3/17

“Timeliness- A+, Communication- A+ and cleanliness – A+.”

Exar J.
Cypress 4/3/17

“They did the job in a timely manner.”

Catherine F.
Simi Valley 4/3/17

“Employees were polite, answered all questions and left the place neat.”

Letha K.
Los Angeles 4/3/17

“Stellar on timeliness, communication and cleanliness.”

Lori G.
San Pedro 4/3/17

“I would use this service again. All the service was timeless and clean.”

Eileen A.
Hesperia, CA

“It was very transparent to construction as we saw it.”

Bernard B.
Culver City, CA

“Nathan was very communicative with me through every step of the process.”

Mikah W.
Azusa, CA

“Communication and responsiveness were great.”

Avshalom R.
Irvine, CA

“They were on time, left my home clean and kept the lines of communication open.”

Janelle R.
Reseda, CA