Client Testimonials

“Nathan is great, he is constantly communicating with us, keeping us updated on projects. Is fast and efficient in getting us bids. We love working with him and Burns.”

Lupe Morante
Chatsworth, CA

“Great communication, timeliness, and cleanliness.”

Judith Hill
Riverside, CA

“Timelines was perfect, the communication was good as well as the quality of works.”

Viktoria Savatorova
Torrance, CA

“Great communication.”

Jesse Marquez
Anaheim, CA

“Great communication and timeliness.”

Patrick Wade
Huntington Beach, CA

“Quick and good job. Great communication.”

Monique Garcia
Riverside, CA

Yelp Review: “Nathan was my project manager and was great to deal with! Considering what we were going through was such a pain in the rear (sewer line backed up into the house and subsequently they found asbestos during the cleanup) Burns Environmental made things easy. Great communication as to when they would be there with a reminder call the day before each time. They always showed up when they said they would, and my house looked cleaner after they were gone than before. Great job!”

Michael Lerner
Irvine, CA

“Jeremy communicated well and met our budget needs for this job. Everyone showed up on time which is great!! Overall 7 out of 10. CSG”

Craig Gore
Malibu, CA

“Everything was excellent. The guys were respectful and clean. They communicated very well what was happening. On time, cleanliness, communicated well.”

John Lee
Culver City, CA

“Worked fast and cleaned up.”

Frank Flores
Goleta, CA

“Great timeliness.”

Marlon Brandon
Los Angeles, CA

“Thought workers were very nice.”

Anne Herzog
Huntington Beach, CA

“We had an emergency flood and Burns Environmental went to work quickly and confidently. Brett Roszak, Leslie Johnson ,Erica Tovar, and Guillermo Duran were always professional and quick in helping us through this stressful experience. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Professional and quick. Also, very comforting because they made me feel they knew what they were doing and were able to take care of the project without me. I live in San Diego and I could not be there, and they took care of the job. They were very timely, always in contact and very courteous always.”
YELP Review: “We had an emergency flood and Burns Env. went to work quickly and confidently. Brett Roszak, Leslie Johnson, Erica Tovar and Guillermo Duran were always professional and quick in helping us through this stressful experience. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. They were able to take care of the project without me which worked for me because I live out of town. Their documentation was professional and complete.”

Linda Niles
Spring Valley, CA

“Very efficient”

Dawn Torgerson
Westlake Village, CA

“Everything excellent.”

Jason Manlowice
Glendale, CA

“We had very good customer service with everyone including the team that came to our home. Communication with appts was great, they left everything very clean afterwards. They explained things very well. Very friendly and all very nice people to help us out.”
Yelp Review: “Great company. They communicated well and kept us informed. They explain things very clearly about what they plan on doing and what all to expect with the entire process. They leave things very neat and are very nice people. I will definitely have them help us with any future needs and will recommend to friends and family. :)”

Lori Bergschneider
Cypress, CA

“Super clean and answered questions thoroughly.”

Tara Goines
Lancaster, CA

“Clear communication, follow through, thorough job.”

Nadra Ehrman
Goleta, CA

“Great communication, timeliness, and cleanliness.”

Earleen English
Huntington Beach, CA

“They communicated with me every step of the way, everything was taken care in a timely manner and very clean, they left nothing behind to be cleaned up once the job was completed.”
YELP REVIEW: “We loved working with Burns environmental they are amazing! They were personable, professional easy to talk to and they explained step-by-step everything that was going to be done. Very trustworthy and we were very comfortable with them. We would 100% Refer them to a friend and if need be use them again in the future.”

Kathy Kelly
Simi Valley, CA

“Covered up walkways. Timely, fast, clean, well groomed, in uniform, well informed at all times.”

Richard Freebairn
Rolling Hills Estates, CA

“Great at timeliness, communication, and cleanliness.”

Monica Lee
Fullerton, CA

“Good communication/cleanliness.”

Danielle Hagopian
Laguna Beach, CA

“The entire process was easy and efficient.”

Dan Vergari
Playa Del Rey, CA

“BES staffs were able to manage asbestos contaminated fume hoods in timely manner without delay.”

Alvaro Herrera
Torrance, CA

“Everyone worked well and kept me informed. Very neat and ON-TIME! Thanks loads for being prompt.”

Andrew Jones
Carson, CA

Yelp Review:”Bret the project manager called me to set up an appointment to review the work required on my home following a broken hot water main and was very flexible making a time that worked for me. Bret explained everything that needed to be completed and again worked with me to set up a time for his crew to come tear out the damaged walls which contained asbestos. The crew was on-time and knocked out the work quickly for what was required. They kept things clean during the work, and then returned to take out all the plastic barrier following the drying and air filtration time…. again, on-time and was finished and on his way in a matter of minutes. I highly recommend Burns Environmental. A broken hot water main is no fun, but the guys at Burns make a bad situation bearable. Thanks again to the whole crew!”

Andrew Jones
Carson, CA

“Once started, the work was completed per plans that were communicated well.”

Melecio Chavez
San Fernando, CA

“They were very timely and clean and efficient with their work.”

Sharon Bryant
Compton, CA

“Speedy & accommodating appointments & office communications.”

Rochelle Maynard
Orange, CA

“Excellent on every subject.”

William Ratcliffe
Thousand Oaks, CA

“Their services were satisfactory.”

Deric English
Boron, CA

“Completed project on time.”

Michael Lerner
Irvine, CA

“Perfect service! Right on the money.”

Chris Spoerl
Redondo Beach, CA

“Great communication, promptness, cleanliness and the professional demeanor of the Burns crew.”

Clint and Louise Taylor
Glendora, CA

“Friendly crew, good communication at start of job. Crew explained what they were going to do before starting.”

Hugh and Yvette Robertson
Agoura Hills, CA

“Was the best experience it could be. Omar kept in close contact throughout and made the experience as painless as possible. Great communication and clean up after completion of procedure.”

Jeffrey Venable
Camarillo, CA

“They were prompt, clean, clear about what they were doing and protective of the non-damaged aspects of our house.”

Sarah Inkrott
Upland, CA

“Bret takes care of our needs immediately, gets us on the scheduled immediately and responds to our emergencies faster than the next guy.”

Jason Dizon
Los Angeles, CA

“I was happy with the work.”

Ruth Murray
Los Angeles, CA

“All were good- they made a difficult situation better.”


“Great timeliness and cleanliness.”

Harold Wagner
La Mirada, CA

“Very prompt in getting started and demo.”

Clarence McClellan
San Bernardino, CA

“The purpose of this letter is to acknowledge the job at the above site, performed by Burns Environmental Services, under the direction of their project manager, Moses Cepeda.
My wife and I had some unfortunate experiences with a local contractor that ultimately led to an acute asbestos exposure to our home and its contents. Through our Insurance Adjuster, we were introduced to Mr. Cepeda (Moses), who explained the procedure to us, and what we could expect from him and his company. After experiencing more than our share of inexperienced contractors, it was a pleasure to finally work with a company, and an individual, that were professional and experienced. In a situation that was both unexpected and potentially dangerous, Moses and his crew were able to explain every detail of their proposed work and carry out their directives thoroughly and safely. We are very appreciative of the fine work that Moses and his crew performed for us at our home, and wish that all experiences with outside contractors in Laguna Woods were as professional as Burns Environmental. Thank you Moses for all you good work!”

Robert & Teresa Cameron
Laguna Woods, CA

“They communicated with me every step of the way, everything was taken care in a timely manner and very clean, they left nothing behind to be cleaned up once the job was completed.”


“BES best supervisor of all time (Claudio). Great people; All players.”

Jorge Torrez
Riverside, CA

“I was happy with the work.”

Ruth Murray
Los Angeles, CA

“Very professional and helpful.”

Barbara Clark
Temecula, CA


Debra Lanham
Buena Park, CA

“I had to return to my home to throw extra food and water to my cat upstairs during asbestos removal downstairs. She ran and hid and I couldn’t pull her out to take her to the hotel with me. The workers had to turn off their machines, call their supervisor, and write out an impromptu waiver for me to sign. I felt badly at putting them behind in their work, put they were patient, kind, and accommodating with me. This was important as my pet is important to me.”

Holly McKenzie
Riverside, CA

“Very accommodating with our schedule and worked around the preschool.”

Paula Robertson
Ventura, CA

“The crew was wonderful! Kudos…”

Joy Collom
Fillmore, CA

“Great communication, timeliness, cleanliness.”

Giorgio Yashar
Los Angeles, CA

“Timeliness was phenomenal. I appreciate the fact that your teams were on time and clear with what would be happening. Cleanliness was fine. I have no real perspective on that as I was not living there. They were also accommodating to my specific situation with some (what I consider minor debris that wouldn’t impede the course of work) but was told when the team arrived that it would be a problem.) I spoke to the project manager. We spoke a bit. (Nothing unreasonable) He was understanding, and we made it work under, what I now know, were not ideal circumstances. I appreciate that and the team’s willingness to wait that process out while things were rectified. Pricing with this sort of thing is always an issue. I wish it were more economical but at the same time I understand the hoops and regulations you need to hop through. I wish I didn’t have to finish things after it was done with the removal of the higher drywall. Overall Good job, Great service, good experience.”

Paul Grinyer
Hacienda Heights, CA

“Omar was incredibly professional and was excellent at communicating with me. He was an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Christopher Tanner
Pasadena, CA

“This is a rental, so I appreciate you working with the schedule of my tenants and putting them at ease.”

Cathy Sherman
Huntington Beach, CA

“Everything was done perfectly.”

Sherry Dilworth
Thousand Oaks, CA

“Great communication.”

Pat Bagley
Cypress, CA

“Great timeliness.”

Scott Baldwin
Torrance, CA

“You have a great crew. No one walked around wondering what they should do. Each person knew what their assignment was. They all worked well together, when one needed more tape, another was there to give them a new roll. All were courteous, respectful, of my need for your services, and were very professional. They all worked smart and quick.”

Pat Farrow
San Bernardino, CA

“BES did a great job at timeliness, communication, and cleanliness.”

Gail Bowles
Ypsilanti, MI

“Great at timeliness, communication, and cleanliness.”

Lynn Lewis
Hacienda Heights, CA

“Great communication, cleanliness, and timeliness.”

Rocky Robinson
North Hollywood, CA

“Cleanliness, speed, workers were professional and extremely nice, great job in every way.” Yelp Review- “Very pleased with my experience with BES, after experiencing water damage due to a dishwasher leak. They were prompt, professional and kind, and took care of everything in coordinating with the insurance adjuster. I highly recommend them.”

Lori Flores
Riverside, CA

“Great timeliness.”

Jacob Rainey
Carson, CA

“Great efficiency and cleanliness.”

Yuan Hui Chen
Huntington Beach, CA

“Great communication and timeliness.”

Ralph Dycus
San Bernardino, CA

“Great timeliness, communication, and clean!”

Alyse Hart
Woodland Hill, CA

“Time, clean, communication. Great!”

Asa Fuller
Fountain Valley, CA

“Very clean, and keeping my home safe from the asbestos. Very nice and polite technicians. Responsiveness from BES, and a willingness to help. Thank you !!”

Kathleen Chapman
Westlake Village, CA

“I was not around when the work was accomplished but by all reports the asbestos removal went very well. Did a great job from all accounts.”

David Evans
Bellflower, CA

“All around great! No complaints!”

Desiree Lapin
Los Angeles, CA

“Great communication, efficient service.”

Karli Barokas
Palm Springs, CA

“Great at cleanliness.”

Guadalupe Garibay
Santa Ana, CA

“Great at getting the work done.”

Jose Rojas
Canoga Park, CA

“No improvement needed. As I mentioned above, professional, courteous, communicated all they were doing and left everyone clean.”

Cheryl Burns
Cypress, CA

“The work was completed on time and they did a good job of cleaning up and removing items.”

Robert Bowen
Santa Barbara, CA

“Got my soil cleaned and passed the health inspectors requirements. Got my neighbor off my back.”

Evelyn Kelly
Winter Park, FL

“Timeliness was great, we were able to get on the schedule in a timely manner with what proved to be a time consuming restoration. BES worked with our other vendors to get us on the schedule, communicated thoroughly, and the tech’s cleaned up after the project was completed.”

Louisa Burton
Los Angeles, CA

“Followed up with my removal process and repair crew to fix problem.”

Bill Weaver
Reseda, CA

“Great Communication and timeliness and quick response.”

Erika Buchman
Los Angeles, CA

“Time, clear communication, setting right expectation.”

Sergey Esayan
Glendale, CA

“Job done quickly, great communication, work site tidy.”

Lisa Karber
Santa Monica, CA

“Timeliness, cleanliness, getting the job done correctly.”

Sharon Barnes
Bakersfield, CA

“Great at timeliness.”

Zach Calig
North Hollywood, CA

On time, job well done.

Jim Crosby
Manhattan Beach, CA

“Great at communication.”

Charles Aardema
Bellflower, CA

“Communication was well and when I was told they would come during a specific time, they were there and would even call to see if earlier time to arrive was ok. Whoever it was that came by, even explained again what their process was. Everytime called by Burns about time and day of arrival, they were here on time and at times called to see if able to come earlier. I was also pleased with how helpful they were when I had questions.”

Patricia Garcia
Pacoima, CA

“Communication and cleanliness were all good. All the workers were also very timely and finished projects quickly and efficiently. Brett was also very good at scheduling and did his best to fit in appointments during times that were best for me.”

Jessica Rachmat
Irvine, CA

“Great at clean up.”

Barbara Baumgarten
Riverside, CA

“Great at in the mornings.”

Hattie Sproule
Arleta, CA

“Great at timeliness.”

Jacques Nafaa
Buena Park, CA

“Clean and thorough job.”

Elizabeth Margaritti
North Hills, CA

“No complaints whatsoever, only highest regard. I literally don’t know what they could have done better. Always on time, professional, polite, responsive via phone/text and very very flexible despite my being a pain sometimes. If all businesses had such customer care, would make life a lot easier.”

Aleksandr Keyfes
West Hills, CA

“Quick to inspect, perform job, prompt, clean, neat, communicated throughout the process, and friendly.”

Samantha Gonzalez
Chino, CA

“The job was done timely as they communicated and they did a great job cleaning everything up before they left, I would highly recommend them.”

Janis Dittman
Chatsworth, CA

“Art was here this morning what a nice man. He worked so hard to get the tape up from the floor..apparently it wasnt the correct tape so it left marks on the floor. OMG. He cleaned the entire area and then on his hands and knees backed out of the house wiping down the floor Im TOTALLY impressed !! I totally love Burns Environ Services and the fact that it is a woman owned business speaks volumes about customer service. Thank you again and again for helping me in this nightmare. Please keep yourself and family and the animals safe in this fiery inferno. All the best and thank you again and again, Kathleen (& Duncan the dog) Chapman.”

Kathleen Chapman
Westlake Village, CA

“Quick appointments.”

Kathleen Kirby
Los Angeles, CA

“Great at timelines.”

Avrum Lapin
Ontario, CA

“Finished the job.”

Tish Childs
Los Angeles, CA

“Time was good.

Axel Rodriguez
Whittier, CA

“Great communication and cleanliness.”

Jim Breneman
Los Angeles, CA

“Did great at everything! I have no issues at all!”

Nancy Barrett
San Clemente, CA

“Everything. Thanks so much. Great staff!!”

Nancy Boyden
Orange, CA

Asbestos removal is never fun, but Burns Environmental Services made it so much better! Jeremy Best was our primary contact and went above and beyond! He was able to answer our questions in a timely manner and flawlessly coordinated everything! The team that removed the asbestos were very professional and left the space clean. Would highly recommend their team again the future.”

Kendra E.
Bakersfield, CA

“Did great at timeliness, communication, and cleanliness.”

Sandra Feliciano
Signal Hill, CA

“Excellent communication, on time, good quality work.”

Jennifer Davies
Corona, CA

“Timeliness. They were done earlier than the promised time. Really helped me since I have a 10 month old baby at home. Thank you!”

Alexandra Diazn
Yorba Linda, CA

“These guys are great for water damage and remediation. We use them regularly after any plumbing leaks!”

Yelp Reviews:
Wingardium L.
Hollywood, CA

“I found black mold in my condo and then Burns tested and found asbestos. Once the HOA approved and dispatched Burns, they were wonderful in their response. They taped up the contaminated area, removed the contaminates, ran filters and left the area spotless. When it was time to remove the plastic, their technician; Art, cleaned the area and then mopped his footsteps out to the front door!!!! WOW. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Very customer focused, clean and polite.”

Kathleen Chapman
Westlake Village, CA

“Ernie offered great communication.”

Jamie Yang
Fullerton, CA

“Service was exceptional, clean job site, quick, and your company does a great job.”

Kurt Mitts
Long Beach, CA

“Great at timeline and communication.”

Sun Moon
Buena Park, CA

“Cleanliness and the techs were friendly, quick, and easy to work with. Caleb was also easty to work with.”

Yoshi Ford
Buena Park, CA

“Great at communication.”

Kathy Nielson
Claremont, CA

“Great at communication and efficiency.”

Michael Cramer
Yorba Linda, CA


Dulce Santos
Oxnard, CA

“They were early. I never waited for them to arrive.”

John Irwin
Los Angeles, CA

“Great at cleanliness and communication.”

Jessenia Reyes
North Hills, CA

“The guys were very clean and left the area very neat.”

Jonathan Goldstein
Los Angeles, CA

“Jeremy did a good job explaining what Burns could do. He was very personable and took the time to explain the job.”

Dave Summe
Canyon Country, CA

“Timeliness, communication, and cleanliness were all great.”

Sueretta Small
Los Angeles, CA

“Very clean work.”

Vanessa Kersh
San Bernardino, CA

“Professional, helpful, attentive, great communication throughout the process.”

Andrea Hartman
Sherman Oaks, CA

“Professional, timely, & cleanliness was fantastic.”

John Ashrafian
Palm Desert, CA

“Everything: great communication, showed up on time, trustworthy, got key from neighbor, did work, cleaned up spotlessly and finished earlier than they thought!”

Mary Stelow
Santa Clarita, CA

“Great communication.”

William Steinau
Lake Forest, CA

“Did great at communication and follow up.”

Phil Wilson
Kaneohe, HI

“Burns Environmental did everything great.”

Tony Tang
La Verne, CA

“All was done excellent from start to finish.”

Michael Moreno
Norwalk, CA

“Great at everything. Communication, service and price.”

Nancy Kurpjuweit
Agoura Hills, CA

“They communicated with us every step of the way, they picked up each day and left my home looking like they had not been there (other than the plastic sheets that had to stay up) they accommodated to help us continue to live in the other part of our home, even thought they did not finish in 1 day they informed us as to why and made sure they were on the site the next day.”

Jennifer Zelaya
Banning, CA

“Timeliness both in work and reporting.”

Danny and Ginger Hall
El Segundo, CA

“Everything was returned to as it was before. BES came out!”

James and Irene Milstead
Oxnard, CA

“All procedures thoroughly explained, crews worked efficiently.”

Mary Haller
La Habra, CA

“Cleanliness. The team did a good job at removing the asbestos-contaminated area and sealing the wall with applicable materials.”

Michael Kent
Glendale, CA

“Timeliness, cleanliness, great communication.”

George and Melody Marton
Huntington Beach, CA

“Great at timeliness, cleanliness, and communication.”

Christopher Strickland
Los Angeles, CA

“Everything was done on time, continued efficiently and the place left clean and tidy.”

Leonard Bullas
Loma Linda, CA

“Cleaned up and did their job wonderfully. So very good.”

Jan and Barbara Merlin
Burbank, CA

“Very good.”

Karen Luzon
Studio City, CA

“Good work, clean.”

Kenneth Brown and Jennifer Morris
Los Angeles, CA

“Great guys!”

Gloria Piedilato
Placentia, CA

“Everything was done on time, continued efficiently and the place left clean and tidy.”

Leonard Bullas
Loma Linda, CA

“Very punctual at the perfect time, good communication, and excellent cleaning.”

John Talbott
Adelanto, CA

“Jeremy Best is the best. Very professional and concise. Explained all the details about the process and timeline. Referred us to a asbestos abatement company. He really knows his business.”

Bill W.
Reseda, CA

“Very responsive and did great work on a large job. They abated the asbestos in our new “old” 1968 home. We worked with project manager Nathan and from the beginning everything went smoothly. Very professional and addressed every one of our concerns. We looked at several different companies and we are really glad we went with them!”

Barvie K.
Simi Valley, CA

“Work was done fast and professionally.”

Bronson Bono
San Pedro, CA

“Christina had great communication. They did the work in a timely manner and the tear apart and dealing with the mold and aseptic went as planned.”

Kimberly Gilmore
Valencia, CA

“Again – all services were most acceptable. Robert – as lead did all he could to accommodate me.”

Rosalie Lyons
Westminster, CA

“The project manager was very helpful.”

Melody Cortese
Redlands, CA

“Communication and promptness. Bret was amazing and always there for us.”

Melissa Conover
San Bernardino, CA


Dale and Barbara Greenfield
Woodland Hills, CA

“Good communication, prompt service.”

Vicki Stone
Bakersfield, CA

“Outstanding timeliness, communication, and cleanliness.”

Bradley Wetherell
Camarillo, CA

“Communication, timeliness, courtesy, cleanliness, & thorough.”

Anna Hall
Altadena, CA

“Fast work.”

Mary Frid
West Hills, CA

“On time, cleaned up, explained what they were doing.”

Laurie Younggren
Rolling Hills Estates, CA

“Fast. Bret was very nice and informative.”

Peggy Woods
Ojai, CA

“Jeremy Best was so helpful today! I called to get a quote for mold remediation and he brought to my attention that I would save money and time if I went with a company that didn’t do asbestos removal as well. Burns does asbestos removal and would need an asbestos report which would take more time and money. He gave me a referral and offered to send them my information and have them contact me. That’s what I call over and above service!!!” Yelp review

Teresa M.
Park City, UT

“All was professional.”

Paul and Lisa Nussbaum
Los Angeles, CA

“What did BES do great at? Cleanliness”

Binayak Archarya
Newhall, CA

“Everything was top service, from initial scheduling through the conclusion of project.”

Marco Ramirez
Downey, CA

“Jeremy Best lived up to his last name! Very helpful, professional and prompt. We had an issue with lead in the kitchen cabinet paint and he did a wonderful job demolishing the kitchen… Very happy and please with the work this company has provided and exceptional job by the project manager Jeremy. He kept us updated via text and email and made sure we were very happy. Overall a very wonderful experience and we will be using him again! Thank you Jeremy!” Yelp review

Mariela B.
West Hollywood, CA

“Exactly on time, polite, name introductions, efficient and friendly. Will definitely recommend this team.”

Jennie Gonzalez
Thousand Oaks, CA


Donna Walters
Santa Clarita, CA

“All of the above!” – Meaning Burns did great at timeliness, communication, cleanliness.

Axel and Kelly
Huntington Beach, CA

“Nathan & Martin were extremely professional and helpful. I’ve seen a lot of careless substandard work and this was the opposite. High price, nice work!”

Tristan Jeffers
Los Angeles, CA

“Great communication, cleanliness, and fast.”

Gabriel Nava
Orange, CA

“Efficient all aspect. Jeremy is very accommodating.”

Fung Hom
Alhambra, CA

“After a flooded bathroom revealed that I had tile containing lead, my water mitigation team referred me to Burns for the abatement.

Nathan (project manager) and Martin (team lead) were extremely professional, communicative, and helpful. In addition to the quality work, they were able to accommodate a very rapid removal timeline.

Having (unfortunately) dealt with a handful of substandard remediation scenarios in the last five years, I can say that I was pleasantly surprised by how positive this experience was for me and my family. Would recommend without hesitation.”

Tristan Jeffers
Los Angeles, CA

“Everything! Professional service from Bret all the way to when technicians complete work.”

Jason Dizon
Los Angeles, CA

“I am a contractor and my company works with a lot of higher end people and contractors in the trades. I found my apt bldg had mold. I was given some choices by my real estate management teams for mold remediation. Burns was most competitively priced and they were ever so quick and professional. I was particularly fond of the Technician named Nathan. What a consummate professional.

It is soooo stressful having a problem where a tenant hoarded for 25+ years and because of that caused a mold infestation. Nathan from Burns Environmental made me feel comfortable and safe in a very uptight environment.

I can’t possibly imagine how tough and expensive if I had to wait longer times and had more issues with problematic situations because of this infestation.

On a final upbeat note when they reviewed the job that was a trivial problem and tenant was making mountains out of molehills it was refreshing to not be taken advantage of by such an ethical company. Thanks to Nathan and his team of outstanding tradespeople and service. I am truly happy with this service in a very complicated situation they smoothed out the rough spots.”

Gary N.
Glendale, CA

“Everything was excellent. Customer Service, rapid service, pleasant employees, helpful information. Excellent price!”

Sarah Alires
Canoga Park, CA

“Pretty much think you did a great job at everything. Bret was outstanding in helping me get things figured out. Very preofessional and also relational.”

Wayne Woodmansee
Torrance, CA

“Good service already. Keep it up. Everything was done according to what was explained prior to the encounter.”

Eduardo and Candice Cruz
Harbor City, CA

“Very efficient, communicated procedure well, friendly, and cleaned up after themselves in a satisfactory manner.”

Herbert Haddad
Simi Valley, CA

“Very good at explaining and helpful. Bret was most helpful in enabling us to have access to kitchen. He explained to Alex and Jonathan on day of work on phone. They were neat in putting up tenting. Lots of work. Very pleasant to us and told us what was going on as they worked.”

Richard and Patsy
Rancho Palos Verdes 7/12/18

“Over the past year we have had 6 asbestos abatements. I contacted Burns Environmental Services after a poor job on my initial abatement by another company. They came and cleaned up the poor work that was done and I have used them for every abatement after that and I have been extremely happy with their work. Nathan Carrasco has been my project manager for each of my projects and I could not ask for better customer service. He has been very helpful and worked with me to plan and schedule all the work we needed to have done. Having to have asbestos abatement is never a good thing but I would recommend that anyone who does call and talk to Nathan.”

Caleb V.
Camarillo 7/12/18

“Workers were nice, friendly, and helpful. I am very satisfied with the work that was completed.”

Barbara T.
Rancho Palos Verdes 7/11/18

“Great communication. Pro-active in calling me first to schedule appointments and was on time at each appointment. Since I work, this was greatly appreciated.”

Judt C.
Rancho Palos Verdes 7/5/18

“Showed up at the time scheduled. Did not leave a mess or trash behind. Very professional. Also, contract and all paperwork was emailed and handled promptly. Never had to follow-up. This is how all business transactions should be handled. Very impressed.”

Laura S.
West Hills 7/5/18

“Great communication. really good on timeliness and flexibility. The Service was great.”

Fabien N.
La Verne 7/3/18

“Caleb and Robert were both professional, courteous and expedient getting back to me and looking to take care of my needs. Communicated Well, we’re very fast responding and working w situation. Very sensitive to needs of client (me )”

Keli J.
Mission Viejo 7/3/18

“Burns did great at timeliness, communication and cleanliness.”

Lindsay W. Bakersfield 6/29/18

“Burns started on time and finished on time.”

Gerald F.
Montclair 6/28/18

“They were here on time and were respectful and left our home as he/she found it. Wilmer on Saturday-2nd time and Sherri on the first and third visits.”

Katherine Z.
Whittier 6/28/18

“They were promptly on time (always a plus in my book). They were polite, professional, and friendly. They protected the carpet and the rest of my home and cleaned up afterwards. They were prompt and efficient in completing their work.”

Thomas B.
Thousand Oaks 6/28/18

“Communication was amazing! I found the staff to showcase true professionalism especially Omar.”

Patricia T.
Sherman Oaks 6/28/18

“Brett was wonderful to work with. I appreciate that he worked to have the abatement completed in a single day. The attention he paid to the special needs of my boyfriend, who uses a wheelchair, were greatly appreciated. The team was very efficient and cleaned up the site very well.”

Kristy K.
Chino 6/28/18

“The clean up time worked very efficiently and completed the work ahead of their scheduled time.”

Melanie T.
Los Angeles 6/28/18

“Burns did everything they said they would quickly and efficiently. I would definitely refer them. Burns did great at communication and timeliness, I do not live near site, but the photos show a job well done.”

Jill H.
Los Angeles 6/27/18

“Eduardo the supervisor and Humberto his worker did such an amazing job again. I was so comfortable with Eduardo being in my home again, I actually took a nap in my sons room. I knew that from the last time Eduardo would treat my home and contents as if they were his own! Its the little things that count so much and he does them all.”

Wendy P.
Simi Valley 6/27/18

“Jeremy has gone above and beyond to help. Burns was great at communication and attentiveness.”

Dean T.
Canyon Country 6/27/18

“Crew was clean fast and efficient. Everything was great. Job was completed on time and better then expected.”

Jeff G.
Venice 6/26/18

“On site project manager communicated well. The team seemed to work efficiently and finished on time.”

Paul D.
West Hills 6/25/18

“No complaints, everything went very well. Very quick response. Very easy communication. Very professional. Very easy to work with regarding scheduling. Very clean.”

Christina B.
Rancho Palos Verdes 6/21/18

“Timeliness, cleanliness and communication, all three were great.”

Georgina B.
Los Angeles 6/21/18

“Burns was on time, and Jeremy was SOOOO patient with all my questions! Wow”

Rebecca S.
Santa Monica 6/20/18

“Jeremy was very polite. He informed me of how the process would work and the timeline along with it. Communication was great. He tried to be as less of a burden as possible. I appreciated the excellent customer service and the quality of work.”

Erika R.
Oxnard 6/15/18

“Promote response, clear communication and having job done in professional manner.”

Huiwen Z.
Temple City 06/15/18

“Moses Cepeda was great to work with, the best! Very professional experience.”

Randy T.
Rancho Mirage 6/14/18

“I requested a quote for asbestos removal and got a friendly knowledgable call back from Jeremy. I loved his customer care during our phone call. Jeremy educated me on how asbestos removal works and suggested to get our ceiling tested. He flagged how much a typical test should cost and that saved us some money. Remember to get three different quotes from actual labs not people sending to labs.
I felt like Jeremy cared about our end goal and budget, he did not try to sell us on unnecessary services. We eventually got our test back negative for asbestos. Saved a ton of money by not having to go through an asbestos specialty removal services. Now a regular handyman/contractor can do it on the cheap. Its a breath of fresh air when businesses seek to educate potential customers and not sell too just sell. I will definitely recommend Jeremy/Burns Environmental Services to my community if they end up with positive asbestos results. THANK YOU JEREMY!”

JoJo J.
Los Angeles 6/12/18

“Moses was extremely helpful and patient with our questions regarding the lengthy contract. He was always available for our calls and questions. Martin Vargas the field supervisor for our job was also very helpful. The crew was on time, performed/completed the job to our satisfaction and left the site very clean.”

Agoura Hills 6/11/18

“They were neat and did a good job of stripping the linoleum. I had no idea that linoleum could be stripped off. I thought the glue was permanent. And they got the results in time for me to move back home timely, which was very important to me. I am glad I was told I had to evacuate and given enough time to get items ready. They did their best to strip contaminated asbestos from my flooded house after it dried out. They also stripped the linoleum off the floor, tiles and carpet and carried it away, then decontaminated the rooms. The refrigerator could not be moved, so it was covered with thick plastic to protect it. Mr Omar Bashir the supervisor, was real professional and helpful. He gave me all the information I needed as the claim process began.”

Esther M.
Bakersfield 6/11/18

“Jeremy was very polite and he informed me of how the process would work and the timeline along with it. Communication was great. He also tried to be as less of a burden as possible and was polite.”

Erika R.Oxnard 6/7/18

“Burns Environmental has done an excellent job facilitating in restoring my property from water damage. Timeliness, Communication and Cleanliness. Great work.”

Anne P.
Santa Ana 5/31/18

“This was my first time dealing with this type of home issue. I felt very “safe” and comfortable with the BES team, who came across as experienced and knowledgeable about how to deal with asbestos. Art arrived on our street ultra-early but did not come to the door until our appointed time. This worked well for us, given my husband was getting ready for work and I was getting our kids ready for school. When I returned from school drop-off, Art was ready to go, which was perfect, because that was our appointed time. Art was personable, upbeat and friendly and seemed energetic and enthusiastic about his work — all positive traits I appreciate in a person! He thoroughly explained the process at the beginning, and he thoughtfully confirmed I wouldn’t need to access our laundry area since it would become off limits once he and Jaime started their work. The equipment they had to move was put off to the side in a neat and orderly fashion, and they finished in a timely manner. They were a terrific team and I would certainly recommend BES to anyone who might find themselves needing such a service!”

Kristina P.
Torrance 5/30/18

“I would definitely use BES again in the future i am very satisfied with the work they did at my dad’s house. I would definitely recommend BES to a friend or anybody else in need of their services. I am very satisfied with the quality of work they performed at my dad’s house. Very satisfied in the promptness my calls were answered and needs were addressed. Satisfied with the crew they were respectful towards me and the property. Satisfied with their work. I’m very satisfied with the time it took to have my calls answered. Every time i would call Michael he would pick up right away and if i had to leave a voicemail he would get right back to me he was very understanding about my concerns. Satisfied with the time it took the crew to do their job also satisfied with the cleanliness and respect the crew showed for my dad’s property.”

Tony R.
Oxnard 5/29/18

“I don’t have any complaints. Quick and professional. Timeliness and cleanliness were great.”

Jane H.
Riverside 5/24/18

“Great job. Burns was great at timeliness, communication and cleanliness.”

Robert C.
Anaheim 5/24/18

“Great responsiveness from the BES team. Worked around my preferred schedule and did an excellent job. Also quick to respond to emails and phone calls. Jeremy Best was an excellent project manager who answered my calls at all hours of the day. I cannot recommend him highly enough!”

Joel B.
Torrance 5/24/18

“Burns did great at getting rid of the asbestos. Nothing can be improved they are doing a great job.”

Lite N.
Bakersfield 5/23/18

“Omar was confident, helpful and always answered my call, or returned them quickly and kept me informed of what was happening. Other then some miscommunication today, which was worked out very quickly, I found BES to be timely, great on communication, friendly and courteous, and did thinks to make me feel comfortable with the process by explaining things.”

Yvonne V.
Seal Beach 5/22/18

“I wouldn’t change anything. The whole entire job was great and the service was great.”

Maria E.
Ontario 5/18/18

“Everything was great. Nathan, Alex, Daniel and Jonathan were all terrific. They were right on time every time. They worked hard, answered our questions, were polite knowledgeable and kind. Even cleaned up and cared about what was important to us. They made us feel special and important. They were sensational – and from their example Burns is a wonderful company. Thank you!”

John W.
Marina Del Rey 5/16/18

“Great all around.”

Dana K
Los Angeles 5/16/18

“Everything was done very professionally, timeliness, communication and cleanliness.”

Ryan L.
Los Angeles 5/16/18

“Burns was great at thoroughness and being on time.”

Bryce M.
Garden Grove 5/10/18

“Burns was quick, communicated well, and very efficient. From my perspective, nothing could be improved. Burns was timely, communicated well, left the work site clean, and was very friendly. Workers were on time and worked quickly and efficiently.”

Brandon S.
Fullerton 5/3/18

“You did it all good at timeliness, communication and cleanliness. We appreciate the work you did. I would like to thank you for all the work removing the asbestos, lead and mold.”

Lupe R.
Whittier 5/1/18

“Spot on keep it up. Timeliness, Communication and Cleanliness, all 3 were excellent. Also quick and timely clearance testing from Patriot that you partnered with. Thanks.”

Ryan F.
Thousand Oaks 5/1/18

“Thank you Burns environmental for making a stressful situation so easy. Came on time (actually 15 minutes early, but politely waited outside until I saw and invited them in), worked diligently, very professional, courteous and kind. Even took pictures behind the sealed area and showed me the scope and work they did to abate to make sure it was to my satisfaction and answered all my questions. Brett and his men are terrific-you won’t be disappointed.”

Rania S.
Porter Ranch 5/1/18

“All was good, we were very satisfied. Thank you!”

Raul L.
Apple Valley 4/30/18

“Wonderful job, 2 very good workers. They worked very hard and cleaned up everything. Nice men.”

Kathryn W.
San Pedro 4/27/18

“Timely communication, workers arrived on time, did a great job and left everything spotless. Very pleased with the service.”

Kelley F.
Cypress 4/25/18

“Everything was great, very professional.”

Kirk R.
Woodland Hills 4/24/18

“Burns was quick, on time and gave me a fair price.”

Ray C.
Granada Hills 4/24/18

“Excellent Service and on time, outstanding. They took care of our water damage.”

Steve G.
Thousand Oaks 4/20/18

“Burns was great at Timeliness, Communication, cleanliness and they were efficient.”

Spencer D.
Glendale 4/16/18

“Burns was right on time and very clean. They never left any mess for me to clean.”

Jane S.
Rialto 4/16/18

“Burns was timely, communication was efficient, professional style and outcome.”

Mary G.
Loma Linda 4/13/18

“Michael was very friendly and helpful.”

Catherine B.
Santa Barbara 4/5/18

“They were on the spot.”

David W.
Anaheim 4/5/18

“You were on time and very kind. Thank you for everything. Your fellows did a great job.”

Charles E.
Monterey Park 4/3/18

“Burns did great at cleanliness and had good personnel.”

Robert C.
Camarillo 4/3/18

“Very reliable and clean and orderly work. The project manager had great communication with me. He made every effort to start the job as soon as possible , and it was done in a very timely manner. The work was also very clean.”

Harry L.
Porter Ranch 3/27/18

“They did a real nice and clean job. They did a complete job, fast, clean and very professional. They were ontime and very nice. Alex and his partner Johnathan did nice work, they covered all the places in my room and it was clean like before and safe. Thanks!”

Alice M.
North Hollywood 3/27/18

“Omar was terrific. Excellent communication by text, phone and email. Also, if something was needed (e.g. docs) he made it happen right away. Did what he said he was going to do. Notified me right away if any concerns. It really was a pleasure working with him. Outstanding customer service. Makes a huge difference.”

Stephanie S.
Indian Wells 3/27/18

“All that I had contact with were friendly and professional and explained the process. If I had any questions that were answered.”

Susan Y.
Tarzana 3/26/18

“Burns was great at Timeliness and communication, they were very good at cleanliness.”

John R.
Rancho Palos Verdes 3/26/18

“All things were perfect, everything went smooth and the service was great.”

Charles A.
Monterey Park 3/26/18

“Burns was very clean and neat work, thank you.”

Glen V.
Sherman Oaks 3/26/18

“You guys were great, they were great workers and very punctual.”

Marisol A.
Chino 3/23/18

“I appreciate everyone from this company who were involved in my claim. EVERYTHING was great. Impressed with Michael Griffin and the work crew was EXCEPTIONAL!!!!! I felt completely taken care of by all involved. Thank you. (-:”

Paige P.
Toluca Lake 3/23/18

“Great customer service, I would recommend. Everything was great. They were on time and Eduardo helped out by giving us the information needed during the job process. Great communication skills with both Omar and Eduardo. Thank you all.”

Jose M.
Rialto 3/23/18

“Burns was great at cleanliness.”

Victor E.
Fullerton 3/23/18

“All around A+, everything was fine.”

Mary M.
Glendale 3/22/18

“Eduardo and the crew were on time, very professional and efficient. While they were here I recommended Burns to a neighbor!”

Andrea K.
Los Alamitos 3/22/18

“Everything was great and efficient.”

Mark N.
Encino 3/19/18

“Burns was great with the other contractors. Thanks for the great work.”

John R.
Torrance 3/19/18

“Burns was great at efficiency and they were pleasant.”

Jill B.
Anaheim 3/19/18

“Outstanding service. Excellent and complete communication. Explanations provided for entire project. Project completed quickly – step by step. Omar (my service and project contact) was calming, understanding and supportive during a stressful home ordeal. It was assuring to have this kindness shown along the way. Highly recommend.”

Carol M.
Westminster 3/16/18

“Burns was great at communication.”

Silviano A.
Anaheim 3/15/18

“Everything was great I loved your service.”

Jose A.
Azusa 3/14/18

“Burns was great at timeliness and cleanliness.”

Dina M.
Santa Monica 3/14/18

“Burns was great at communication and professionalism, they were very organized, and communicated with us, which is a plus. Burns was great at communicating with us and were very friendly, professional, efficient, and seemed very organized. Communication with us is a big plus. Hopefully because of the situation, we won’t need them again, but if we do, we would not hesitate for a second to give them a call. Will refer all my friends and co-workers to them, if ever needed.”

Wendy C.
Palmdale 3/14/18

“Burns was great at timeliness, communication and cleanliness. Genaro Zapata was the best, his assistant too. They were done in 3 1/2 – 4 hours.”

Nicole S.
Sylmar 3/14/18

“Hope I don’t have to use their services again, however, they did a fast professional job and communicated schedules and procedures very well which was much appreciated! Thank You!”

Kathleen B.
Riverside 3/13/18

“Omar outstanding. Calming, understanding, supportive, respectful and knowledgeable. Communication is great. And both referrals – IMPEX for repair and ASAP for Environmental testing were terrific and professional. Thank you and thank him. Presented the company very well. Highly recommend your service.”

Westminster 3/6/18

“Albert was very kind and efficient. Albert is awesome. Burns did great at Timeliness, Communication and Cleanliness. Fast and Efficient.”

Shannon C.
Huntington Beach 3/5/18

“Burns was great, on time, explained the process and answered questions about sealing off existing vent registers.”

Joe J.
Pasadena 3/1/18

“Burns arrived at the agreed time.”

Wayne B.
Walnut 2/22/18

“Everything was great.”

Leif M.
Seal Beach 2/22/18

“Burns was great at communication.”

Yoel Y.
West Hills 2/22/18

“Burns did great at timeliness, communication and cleanliness. Great job!”

Janice N.
Palm Desert 2/22/18

“Burns was very polite with great communication and very clean. They worked fast in getting services and results in a promptly manner. Very professional and quick on responding at any concerns I might have.”

Victor M.
Chino 2/20/18

“Burns did great at Cleanliness. Communicated effectively and follow through with promises.”

Arlene B.
Carpinteria 2/19/18

“Everything was great.”

Gladys C.
San Fernando 2/19/18

“Nathan was a very nice person. Easy to talk to & great service. Burns did great at Timeliness and cleanliness.”

Kimberly Z.
Mission Viejo 2/16/18

“The techs were on time and very polite. They explained what they would do and gave a time frame of completion. They also left the bathroom cleaner than when they arrived. Overall happy with Burns.”

Lou J.
Orange 2/14/18

“Burns effectively communicated work plan and timelines. The work was completed in a timely manner as communicated. They also provided a referral for clearance tests.”

Selena D.
Riverside 2/14/18

“Communication was great. The workers who did the asbestos removal were very professional and respectful.”

Margarita M.
Ontario 2/12/18


“Burns was great at communication, cleanliness and communication.”

Dougal M.
Studio City 2/13/18


“Bret was very professional and knowledgeable. Everything was great.”

Marlene D.
Los Angeles 2/9/18

“Burns was great at timeliness and communication.”

Kimberly S.
Torrance 2/8/18

“Excellent work, very good and professional workers. They were great at everything.”

Betty C.
Bakersfield 2/8/18

“Everything was good, no complaints.”

Jennifer T.
Altadena 2/6/18

“Omar was great & explained everything in detail. They were great, thorough and quick!”

Lorraine K.
Huntington Beach 2/6/18

“Bret was very polite and professional. Very thorough. Took time to answer all my questions. Burns did great at communication, everything was all good.”

Toogie O.
Riverside 2/6/18

“Nathan kept me well informed, All planning and scheduling was well done”

Walter P.
San Juan Capistrano 2/6/18

“Burns did great at Cleanliness. Communicated effectively and follow through with promises.”

Jacqueline L.
Westminster 2/5/18

“You have a good reputation and do what you say you are going to do. High quality follow through. Timely communication. Courteous.”

Laura M.
Santa Rosa 2/1/18

“First class project management, the crew were also total pros. They did a GREAT job.

He also left a Yelp review First class project management. Bret was one the most thorough individuals I have had the pleasure to work with. The crew, headed by Martin were also TOTAL pros. They did a GREAT job. They went the EXTRA-MILE, left the job site spotless, and I have to say, I am rarely that impressed with subs… especially these days, where most phone it in.”

Eric S.
Sherman Oaks 1/31/18

“Burns was great at cleaning up.”

Cynthia B.
Thousand Oaks 1/29/18

“Everything was great, very fast service.”

Sandra D.
Fontana 1/31/18

“Time was excellent, really fast and the job site was very clean afterwards. Very efficient.”

Jesus M.
Norco 1/31/18

“Burns did a fine job.”

Susan L.
Santa Barbara 1/26/18

“Received a survey #5 Burns did great at timeliness, communication and cleanliness. The workers were prompt, efficient, friendly and they took less time than I anticipated. Bravo to them.”

Paula R.
Los Angeles 1/25/18

“Very well run company, good communication, they were able to accommodate my special needs.”

Leslie C.
Oak Park 1/24/18

“Burns did great at timeliness, communication and cleanliness.”

Neil R.
Mission Viejo 1/23/18

“Burns was great at Customer Service, Communication and the work.”

Miguel S.
San Diego 1/23/18

“Burns was great at communication, Caleb is a great guy.”

Rosemary K.
Tarzana 1/22/18

“The team of men who came out to do the job for us was very professional. They worked fast, yet carefully. I was very happy with the service.”

Robert B.
Santa Ana 1/22/18

“Your timing was great in a quick matter which is amazing. The scope of work was done quick and professionally. Thank you for your services.”

Pilar M.
Tujunga 1/19/18

“Burns was very clean on the job.”

Philip A.
Thousand Oaks 1/19/18

“Eduardo and his crew were great, Burns was great at timeliness, communication and cleanliness.”

Shirley E.
Los Angeles 1/18/18

“They did a very good job, timeliness, communication and cleanliness were great.”

Barbara B.
Sunland 1/17/18

“Burns was great at cleanliness and a quick response.”

Nancy S.
Saugus 1/15/18

“Caleb is so trustworthy. Even with all the fires in Calif. And in spite of the holiday season the workers were on time and very neat in the clean up.”

Beverly P.
Highland 1/11/18

“Burns was great at timeliness, communication and cleanliness.”

Rose R.
Downey 1/11/18

“Very Punctual and answered all of out questions as concerns.”

Mayra P.
Montclair 1/11/18

“Excellent job. Mr Moses Cepeda did a fantastic job communicating with us, friendly in scheduling, working to come over to our home quickly. The job was done great.”

Danilo M.
Diamond Bar 1/11/18

“Nathan was very good at keeping us informed. They did an excellent job with the removal of our flooring. Everything was cleaned up in an excellent manner! We were concerned about coming home to a mess, but it was impeccable. We were always kept up-to-date and informed of the test results and they were punctual and very professional. Highly recommend!”

Maria P.
Pasadena 1/11/18

“Very professional and efficient. Moses was great with his availability and working with my schedule. He kept me up to date with handling and time frame of project. All was well, great experience. Highly recommend. Thank you!”

Lised R.
Long Beach 1/11/18

“Burns did everything great, everyone was great. Cordial, timely, hard working and neat. Great job!”

Lisa C.
Los Angeles 1/9/18

“This company is very reliable. Good communication with arrival time and what needed to be done Made sure all was contain properly and very clean.”

Kelly M.
Sunland 1/8/18

“Very professional and efficient. Moses was great with his availability and working with my schedule. He kept me up to date with handling and time frame of project. All was well, great experience. Thank you.”

Liz R.
Long Beach 1/8/18

“Burns was great at communication, cleanliness and communication. Your team really did a nice job. Got back to me right away. Showed up on time. Got job done quickly. Workers courteous. Nice follow-up.”

Ginger S.
Santa Barbara 1/8/18

“They did a thorough and efficient job. Isaias and his son were excellent! On time, efficient, friendly, clean, reliable.”

Phil W.
San Juan Capistrano 1/5/18

“Burns did great at cleanliness- our home looked perfect!”

Maria P.
Pasadena 1/5/18

“Burns had good communication and was on time.”

Kelly M.
Shadow Hills 1/5/18

“My team were professional and hard workers. They worked well as a team and approached my project in a sensible manner. They knew where things would be the most dirty and attacked that dirt! They left my home clean and cared that I was happy with their work. I highly recommend this team. After a wildfire you really want professionals to handle your duct work. I am very glad I chose these fine folks for the job. Thank you!”

Lucie G.
Santa Barbara 1/5/18

“Great Service. Burns did great at timeliness, communication and cleanliness.”

Joe V.
Tujunga 1/3/18

“I thought the service was excellent. They communicated through out the entire process for scheduling. The service was prompt and efficient. The follow-up (emails) were timely and comprehensive.”

Tim C.
Lancaster 1/2/18

“Everything was great.”

Dennis P.
Pacific Palisades 1/2/18

“Burns did a good job and great to work with great communication.”

Joanna T.
Riverside 12/28/17

“Nathan was terrific. He worked really hard to deal with the entire situation and accommodated all of our requests. Great guy! Right on time. No surprises as Nathan notified us whenever anyone was coming. AMAZING cleanliness.”

Michael C.
Ojai 12/28/17

“Burns did great at Asbestos Removal. They were absolutely wonderful. Keep up the good work.”

Randy C.
Lancaster 12/26/17

“Burns was very professional and polite to me, answering all of my questions. You put a runner on my carpet to protect it. The whole process was done very expertly and quickly for me as I was expecting company from the East in 3 days.”

Carol B.
Redlands 12/27/17

“Burns communicated well and were very punctual.”

Kent L.
Long Beach 12/28/17